10 Signs that Your Parrotlet Likes You

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Small, intelligent parrotlets are famous for their colorful feathers and charming personality. Building a bond of love and trust with your feathered friend is one of the most satisfying parts of being a parrotlet owner. How do you know whether your parrotlet likes you, though?

This post will examine ten signs that your parrotlet likes you. These elements go above, and beyond the typical behaviors these adorable birds display, showing a deeper bond between you and your feathery friend.

Taking care of birds appropriately can create a good bond between you and your parrotlet. Parrotlets have distinct ways of communicating their feelings through body language and vocalizations. We’ll look at nonverbal clues like regurgitating, grooming behaviors, and how they interact with you while playing. 

This article will offer helpful perspectives into the complex world of parrotlet behavior. So let’s learn the ten convincing signals that your parrotlet really likes you.

1. Preening When You Are Nearby

Preening by parrotlet is a sign that it likes you. A bird cleans and scrubs its feathers while preening. It’s similar to taking a bath itself. A parrotlet may begin  cleaning itself while you’re close if they feel secure and at ease around you. 

It signifies that they believe in you and see you as one of their own. They might even attempt to groom your hair or clothes to express their love. Therefore, if your parrot preens around you, it’s a good sign that they love your friendship and love being in it.

2. Tries To Groom You

Your parrotlet grooming you shows that they like you. They groom you when they clean your skin or hair with their beak. As they would with another parrotlet, it’s a way for them to care for you and reveal their affection. They might also clean your jewelry or clothes. 

“You are a member of my flock, and I care about you”. They are expressing themselves in this unique way. 

Therefore, if your parrotlet grooms you, it signifies that they like you and have formed a bond with you. Take delight in your feathered friend’s kind deed!

3. Flapping Its Tail

Your parrotlet will show its affection for you by flapping its tail. It’s like a bird’s happy dance. Parrotlets use their tails to show their delight and loyalty, just like people do when they smile or wave. 

Therefore, if your parrot flaps its tail while it is close to you or when you interact with it, it is at ease and pleased with you. It indicates that your parrotlet prefers being with you and wants to have a personal connection with you.

4. Dilates Its Pupils

The size of a parrotlet’s pupil may suggest the bird likes you. The black area in the middle of the eye is the pupil. When they expand or dilate, the parrotlet is either interested or happy. Similar to how people smile when they are joyful. Therefore, it’s a positive sign that your parrotlet likes you if its pupils enlarge when it is near you.

5. Regurgitation Of Food

Your parrotlet is showing affection and, like you, if they regurgitate or vomit. When your bird regurgitates, something from its crop—a portion of its digestive system—has come back up. They do it to connect with you and show their love. They might achieve this by vomiting food onto you or adjacent objects. Your parrotlet trusting and caring for you is a good indication.

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6. Singing, Whistling Or Talking

If you are taking proper care of birds then your parrotlets will show you their love. Your parrotlet will show its affection for you if it sings, talks, or whistles around you. These behaviors show how happy and joyful your parrotlet is to be around you. They are trying to connect with you and communicate when they make these noises. 

Therefore, if your parrotlet starts singing, talking, or whistling when you’re around, it’s an indication that they like you and trust you.

7. Clicking Its Tongue

Your parrotlet will show its affection for you by clicking its tongue. This sound is a good sign of love and joy. It sounds like your pet parrot saying, “I like being around you!” They are expressing themselves in a unique way. Therefore, if you hear your parrot clicking its tongue, it indicates that your relationship is strong and satisfied being around you.

8. Makes Purring Sound

Some parrotlets make a purring sound when they are happy and comfortable. Similar to how cats purr, but parrotlets also do it! Parrotlet’s purring in your presence signifies that they like and trust you. It’s how they show their love and trust for you. Therefore, it’s a good sign that your parrotlet enjoys your company if they purr when you’re nearby.

9. Starts Fluffing Its Feathers

A parrotlet will fluff its feathers when it likes you. For parrotlets, fluffing their feathers is a symbol of happiness and joy. It’s their way of showing how secure and satisfied they feel around you. In other words, if your parrotlet fluffs up its feathers while you’re present, that’s an indication that it likes and trusts you. It’s a symbol of your strong relationship with your feathery companion.

10. Mimicking

A parrotlet will mimic you if they like you, so look for such actions. It shows that they attempt to mimic your sounds or words. They can show their love and establish a connection with you through mimicking. Therefore, it’s a positive sign that they appreciate your company and see you as a friend if your parrotlet begins to mimic your voice or other sounds.


There are a number of clues that your parrotlet likes you if you are giving proper time and taking care of birds. These tiny birds have a variety of ways to express their love. First, they won’t exhibit any symptoms of fear or aggression around you since they will feel at ease. Second, they might love your company and try to get your attention. Thirdly, they will sing, chirp, or create other vocal noises to communicate with you. 

Fourth, as an act of confidence and love, they might groom themselves or you. Fifth, they could engage in play and interaction with you while displaying enthusiasm and fun. Sixth, when they see you or when you give them treats or toys, they might exhibit symptoms of joy. Seventh, they might enable you to pet them and handle them without showing any fear or hostility. 

Eighth, if you interact with other people or animals, they might act possessive or jealous. Ninth, as a sign of connection and mimicry, they may imitate your gestures. Finally, they might exhibit external signs of happiness, such wagging tails or puffed feathers. If you see these indicators, your parrotlet has probably developed a close bond with you and regards you as a beloved and trusted friend.

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How To Know If A Parrot Loves You?

Your parrotlet will chirp cheerfully, fly towards you, or eagerly hop onto your finger or shoulder if it likes you. It might even groom your hair or nuzzle up against your face to express its affection. These behaviors show that your parrotlet is at ease with you and has confidence in you as a buddy.

Does My Parrot Know I Love Him?

Your parrot is aware of your love, yes! Your parrot can sense the warmth and compassion you have for them through your kind deeds, gentle words, and considerate acts. Your parrot may understand love through your link since love is a language that is beyond language.

What makes parrotlets happy?

Parrotlets require daily physical activity and exercise. Exercise and social engagement together are best for your parrotlet. If you want to keep them healthy and happy, you’ll need to give them at least 3 to 4 hours of attention each day.

Why does my bird bite me softly?

It’s known as experimental biting. Birds frequently use their beaks for exploration, which may involve your fingers or other body parts. Birds typically eagerly investigate your fingers since they are very interesting and new to them. As they grow older, young birds typically abandon this behavior.

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