Top 15 Amazon Parrots To Keep As Pets

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Are you looking to keep a parrot as a pet? Amazon parrots are the best choice. Amazon parrots are known as the most intelligent birds on the planet. All of them can mimic the words of human languages. As Amazon parrots have vibrant colors, they make them a good companion. They can be found in a range of colors and sizes. Each parrot has its unique charm.

In this article, we will discuss the top 15 Amazon parrots to keep as pets. We will explore every bird’s characteristics, nature, and care requirements. This article will guide you in choosing the best Amazon parrot for your home. Get ready to discover those beautiful birds. 

1. Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrots

Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrots

The yellow-crowned Amazon parrot is a delightful and vibrant colored bird with a yellow crown on its head. It can talk and mimic human sounds. It lives in tropical jungles and eats seeds, fruits, and nuts. It has social intelligence and likes to interact with other parrots. They can stay alive for many years and need an appropriate diet and care. Bright feathers are the most important feature, which makes them unique and more popular than other pets. 

Length: 15 – 17 inches

Weight: 430 g

2. Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrots

The yellow-naped Amazon parrot is a colorful bird with a yellow neck patch. Like other parrots, it can mimic human speech and have social intelligence. It is found in Central America. Amazon parrots eat nuts, seeds, and fruits. It can live about 50 years. It is popular due to its interaction with humans and other parrots. 

Length: 14 inches

Weight: 480 – 680 g

3. Yellow-Billed Amazon Parrot

Yellow-Billed Amazon Parrot

One of the smallest Amazon parrots is the Yellow-Billed parrot. As their name implies, they have bright yellow beaks. They have white foreheads and blue accents on their faces. There are no visual differences between male and female parrots. These parrots can live up to a maximum of 50 years. They are active and make long-distance flights to feeding areas. Unfortunately, their species is declining due to habitat loss. 

Length: 11 inches

Weight: 400 – 600 g 

4. Double-Headed Amazon Parrot

Double-Headed Amazon Parrot

The double yellow-headed Amazon parrot is a medium-sized bird. Their vocal abilities are fantastic. As the name signifies, this Amazon parrot has mostly yellow faces and heads. Their favorite habit is singing. Double-Headed Amazon is the ideal option if you’re looking for an Amazon parrot that can learn many words. 

Length: 15 – 17 inches

Weight: 520 g

5. Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot

Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot

Orange-winged Amazon parrot is the most excellent pet. They bond closely with their owners. They are found in South America. They are peaceful and gentler than other species of parrots. Though, they suffer a hormonal bluffing stage when males become aggressive. Orange-winged Amazon parrots interact with humans and other parrots happily. They have very high social intelligence. They are one of the smartest species among birds. 

Length: 17 inches

Weight: 370 g

6. Panama Amazon Parrot

Panama Amazon Parrot

Panama Amazon Parrots are one of the rare species of birds. But they are available to be kept as pets. They are friendly birds and love human attention. As others, they can also mimic human words. Panama Amazon parrots can live up to 60 years. Their color texture is almost the same as the Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot. These two differ from one another in length. 

Length: 12 – 14 inches

Weight: 480 g

7. Red-Lored Amazon Parrot

Red-Lored Amazon Parrot

These Red-Lored Amazon Parrots are almost similar to other Amazon parrots. In Central and South America, you can find them. They are recognized by the bright red spot on their nose above the beak. They need sheer hard work to be trained. They are also good and interact happily with humans and other parrots. These Red-Lored Amazon parrots scream, acting as your alarm clock at sunrise every day.

Length: 13 – 14 inches

Weight: 420 g

8. White-Fronted Amazon Parrot

White-Fronted Amazon Parrot

White-Fronted Amazon Parrots are also known as Spectacled Amazon Parrots because they have white circles around their eyes. They have a bright white spot at the front of their forehead. They can live up to 60 years. Males have bright red shoulder feathers, while females have green shoulder feathers. They are smaller in size than other Amazon Parrots. White-Fronted Amazon Parrots are the most abundant species of all Amazon parrots. They are more noisy than others. This species can make up to 40 different sounds. 

Length: 10 inches

Weight: 220 g

9. Green Cheeked Amazon Parrot

Green Cheeked Amazon Parrot

Green Cheeked Amazon Parrots are also known as Red-Headed parrots. They are known for being Flock-oriented. If you are searching for a talking parrot, the green-cheeked Amazon parrot is the best. They can live up to 70 years. They have flocks mainly in the United States. 

Length: 12 – 13 inches

Weight: 320 g

10. Mealy Amazon Parrot

Mealy Amazon Parrot

The Mealy Amazon parrot is larger than other Amazon parrots. That’s why they are also known as Gentle Giants Of Amazon parrots. They are easier to train than other Amazon parrots. Like others, Mealy Amazon parrots are also very friendly. They interact with other parrots and humans, forming close bonds. They have a 50-year life span. 

Length: 15 – 17 inches

Weight: 540 – 700 g

11. Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot

Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot

Lilac Crowned Amazon parrots are unique birds with purple feathers. They also have a purple plume that covers their forehead and crown. With these uniquenesses, Lilac Crowned Amazon parrots are different from others. They are smaller in size as compared to other Amazon parrots. They don’t have loud noise, so it could be a better choice for those who don’t want to disturb the neighborhood.  

Length: 12 – 13 inches

Weight: 300 g

12. Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot

Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot

One of the more amusing birds you may possess as a pet is the Blue-Fronted Amazon parrot, renowned for being an outstanding talker. They make such wonderful companions because they genuinely love people and form strong bonds. But before you get one, be sure you have the room and the time to provide them with what they require.

The attention-seeking nature of this species is addictive. For their owners, they’ll put on a show and perform. They grow so attached to their family that they may even try to attack anything they believe to be a threat.

Length: 15 inches

Weight: 280 – 510 g

13. Lilacine Amazon Parrot

Lilacine Amazon Parrot

The Lilacine Amazon parrot is a popular pet due to its friendly nature. However, they tend to make loud calls, just like other Amazons. They were previously thought to belong to the Red-Lored Amazon species, but they are now recognized as a distinct species of Amazon parrot.

Length: 13 – 14 inches

Weight:  400 – 430 g

14. Black-Billed Amazon Parrot

Black-Billed Amazon Parrot

The Black-billed Amazon is a loud parrot best suited for people who don’t mind screaming noises. They need to be properly adapted because they are not particularly resilient birds. Even worse, they are at risk of illness.

With a very small length, this breed of Amazon parrot is the tiniest. They may easily be distinguished from other Amazon parrots thanks to their distinctive black beak, which gives them their name.

Length: 10 – 11 inches

Weight: 200 – 570 g

15. Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

Hand-raised or hand-trained scarlet macaws can be quite affectionate. They have a pleasant personality and are a wonderful company. They are greater in length as compared to other Amazon birds.

Small groups of scarlet macaws coexist in the wild. This bird can develop attached to you as a flockmate if you maintain it as a solitary pet. You must pay close attention and communicate with the bird frequently to keep it as a friendly housemate. It can develop into a violent and destructive animal if not properly socialized and trained.

Length: 32 inches

Weight: 1000 g


For those thinking about getting an Amazon parrot as a pet, the world of parrot enthusiasts offers a wide range of options. Amazon parrots make fantastic companions for knowledgeable bird owners thanks to their brilliant colors, engaging personalities, and impressive vocal ability.

Each species of Amazon has its distinct charm, from the magnificent Blue-fronted Amazon to the amusing Yellow-naped Amazon. However, it’s crucial to remember that keeping an Amazon parrot demands dedication, appropriate care, and attention to ensure these intelligent animals live happy and healthy lives.


Which Amazon parrot should I get?

The most gentle and most peaceful of the Amazon parrots are thought to be Southern Mealy Amazons. When kept as pets, they are affectionate and develop close relationships with their owners.

Which Amazon parrot talks the best?

According to popular opinion, the best-talking Amazon parrot is the Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot. YN Amazons can convert words into short phrases with the appropriate speed and tone. They are known for growing exceptionally huge vocabularies.

What is the best parrot to own as a pet?

The Budgerigar or cockatiel is a simple option. These are perfect if money is an issue because smaller birds cost less to buy and set up. That said, a pet bird not trained to exit its cage and enter it again won’t make a good pet.

Is an Amazon parrot a good pet?

Amazon parrots are extremely affectionate, clever, and friendly birds. These gorgeous green birds make fantastic, dedicated, conversational companions when trained properly and cared for appropriately.

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