Why does my Pet Bird Scream?

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Have you ever wondered why do birds scream? Birds are very expressive creatures, and screaming is one way they communicate. Like humans talk to express their needs and feelings, birds use screaming to communicate with us and their feathered companions. It’s their natural language!

In this article, we’ll explore some common reasons your pet bird might be screaming. We’ll decode their messages from seeking attention and expressing happiness to warning of danger or feeling scared. Understanding why your bird screams will deepen your bond and help you provide the best care for your beloved feathered companion. Let’s dive in!

Why Do Birds Scream?

Birds scream to communicate with each other or express their feelings like fear or warning. Screaming helps them get attention and stay safe. They use different sounds to convey messages to their bird friends or to warn others about the danger. The following are the main reasons for birds screaming: 


Why is my parakeet screaming? Screams from parrots are frequently the result of sadness or annoyance. The bird can be craving more love and attention from its owner, attempting to escape from a cage, or anticipating its next meal!

Birds occasionally crave excitement in their lives! When your pet cries out, try to give him something better to do than feel sorry for him.

It’s common knowledge that parrots can experience depression. Make sure there’s a second mature parrot in the house if you’re too busy to give your pet the attention it deserves.

Birds are calling their babies!

When calling their offspring, birds scream because they want to be heard. Birds must communicate with the kids to ensure their safety and ability to find food. To catch their babies’ attention, they, therefore, make loud calls. These cries are a secret language between the parent bird and its young. 

Thanks to the screaming, the parent bird can locate its offspring and direct them to the proper locations. It’s a technique for birds to display their affection for and protection of their young.


Why do budgies scream? Parrot species with unique screams are typically noted for being intense and violent. Fear of predators is the main reason for this behavior. These birds have adapted to live at a height where they can see oncoming dangers.

Screaming could also be brought on by a general lack of faith in the owner or the one who takes care of birds. Young parrots may adopt their carers as parents and become aggressive towards strangers. Don’t let it bother you!

A parrot is likely to scream an ear-piercing warning when strangers are present. The bird might even attack if the owner doesn’t step in!

Consider buying another pet for your parrot to play with if it cries near people or animals. Two birds are preferable to one in this situation because your parrot will have a better company and develop trust for one or more other animals.

Lack of Exercise

Parrots are active tiny birds. They require lots of space to move around and develop their muscles! It makes sense that they would want to take every action necessary to escape their cage if they spent the entire day there.

Remind yourself of the value of exercise if your parrot is whining because you’ve let him out too often without remembering! Additionally, taking care of birds and avoiding pushing your parrot too hard if you plan on using positive reinforcement to train it is important.

A few hours of flight time per day should be provided for parrots. If your bird is kept in a cage by itself, move it to a bigger area so you can spend more time with it.

Nervous Behavior

Why is my parakeet screaming? Birds may scream when they feel nervous because they are trying to communicate their fear or discomfort. When scared or anxious, birds might make loud, high-pitched sounds to alert others about potential dangers.

These screams serve as warning signals to their flock or nearby birds, letting them know something is wrong or threatening. By making loud noises, birds hope to attract attention and seek support or protection from their companions. 

It’s a natural response for birds to vocalize when they are feeling nervous, as it helps them cope with stressful situations and maintain their safety.

Hunger Or Thirst

Birds scream when hungry or thirsty because it’s their way of asking for help. When they feel hungry or thirsty, they become uncomfortable and want someone to give them food or water. Screaming is their method of communication because they can’t use words like humans do. 

By making loud sounds, birds hope to grab the attention of other birds or even humans nearby. This is their instinctual behavior to ensure their survival and get the nourishment they need. So, when birds scream, it’s like saying, “I’m hungry or thirsty. Please help me!”

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Time For Bath

Warm water is ideal for bathing birds. Especially if it dislikes getting wet, you might occasionally want your parrot to get used to bath time! Try filling its cage with a little warm water in this situation.

Remove the bird from its cage as soon as it gets wet, and begin bathing it immediately! This will guarantee that bathing only has pleasant connections and not any negative ones!

Be more careful if your parrot is screaming because you forced water on him (by splashing him with a cup). You should minimize his time there if he screams when you give him his routine bath or shower.


Larger parrots, like macaws, are not used to hearing or witnessing loud noises or lightning strikes. Your bird may be more comfortable with other birds (like hens) than people if it screams in response to things like doors slamming or pots falling.

Try to design a space where you control the sounds and visuals your parrot encounters daily. Placing decorations and playing classical music CDs will make your property appear more welcoming and less threatening.

If you’re still experiencing issues, think about consulting an animal behaviour expert who can assist you in giving your parrot an outstanding environment while also making it feel secure.

How to stop a parrot from screaming?

There are numerous methods for getting your parrot to quit screaming. Therefore it is simpler to start with the incorrect one. It won’t help and will make the situation worse if you scold, hit, or shout at your parrot in response.

To help him, we first need to determine why he is screaming. Sometimes, it might have a clear cause, like any of those mentioned above. In other cases, you might have to examine his characteristics to determine what makes him scream. If you want to stop a parrot from screaming, here are some simple tips you can try:

  • Create a calm environment: Keep the surroundings quiet and peaceful, avoiding loud noises and disturbances.
  • Provide mental stimulation: Offer toys, puzzles, and activities that engage your parrot’s mind and keep it entertained.
  • Maintain a consistent routine: Stick to a regular schedule for feeding, playtime, and sleep to help your parrot feel secure and reduce anxiety.
  • Reward good behavior: Praise and reward your parrot when it remains quiet or uses its voice appropriately, reinforcing positive habits.
  • Avoid reinforcing screaming: Refrain from giving attention or reacting when your parrot screams, as it can reinforce the behavior.
  • Seek professional advice: If the screaming persists, consult an avian veterinarian or an experienced bird behaviorist for guidance tailored to your parrot’s needs.

Remember, patience and consistency are key when training your parrot.


It can be challenging to determine why a parrot is screaming when it does so! It will take some trial and error until you find one or more effective methods for your pet. 

Take your pet back to the breeder from where you purchased him if everything else fails; they will be aware of any potential genetic issues and want what is best for you and your bird.

Parrots scream for many reasons, but if you have a little patience, you may strive to stop the screaming and begin appreciating the qualities that make parrots wonderful companions.


Why does my bird scream when I scream?

When you shout at your bird to be quiet or stop, they assume you are both yelling, and they are getting attention, so they do it more. This yelling back promotes the screaming. Give your bird something to do besides scream if you want to halt the attention-seeking screaming behavior.

Why does my bird scream when I leave the room?

When you leave the room, your bird may scream because it feels lonely and wants your attention. Birds are social creatures and crave companionship. It may become anxious or bored when you’re gone, causing it to scream for your return.

Why does cockatoo scream?

Cockatoos scream because they use vocalizations to communicate. Screaming helps them express or show their needs and feelings. It’s their way of getting attention, warning others, and expressing happiness or fear. 

What annoys a parrot?

Being prey animals, parrots are easily scared by huge unfamiliar items, loud noises, and quick movements. Predatory creatures should not be seen or heard by your parrots.

What calms birds?

  • Avoid screaming at your bird. Whatever you do, avoid yelling at an anxious or fearful bird. 
  • Slow down. Moving away swiftly may excite the bird more if it attacks you out of fear or anxiety. 
  • Stick training your bird. 
  • Provide Stimulation. 
  • Out of Cage Time. 

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